User experience and content management

Creating positive experiences for your customers is about finding the right balance between branding, usability, functionality and content.


A strong brand creates credibility, connects with your customers, creates customer loyalty and sets your business apart from its competitors. Branding is more than just a business name and a logo. It’s one of the most valuable assets a business can have.


Usability is all about making a website that is easy, fun and logical for users. This includes a hundred and one things, from considering the Information architecture for the site (how the information is organised), highlighting the most important features on each page and making sure the website is accessible to different users on different platforms (think PC, Macs and mobile devices).


Who is your target audience? What do you want to achieve? A website should help your organisation meet its goals, whether they are to increase sales, promote a product/service, sell products online, engage with customers, or a combination of the above.


Good copy is no coincidence. While the design and branding of your website is crucial, content is king because it ultimately determines whether potential customers stay or move onto your competitors' websites.