Social Media, SEO and Online Marketing

Social Media

Looking to engage with your customers? Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are great low cost tools to provide information and value to your customers. From training and education to manage your own social media strategy, to fully managed social media strategies we can assist with your social media needs.


Search Engine Optimisation is all about making it easy for potential customers to find your site through search engines such as Google. All our sites are coded to be SEO friendly to maximise your sites potential. Advanced SEO packages including keyword research and link building coming in 2011.  

Online Marketing

Email Marketing and E-Newsletters

Email marketing is a fantastic way to keep your existing customers up to date, promote new products and services, and increase the amount of money your customers spend with you.

An e-newsletter is simply a formatted email that you send out regularly to your client database. It can be as simple or as detailed as you like, and should be designed to match and reinforce your other corporate branding: logo, website, print material etc.

E-newsletters are a quick, easy and cost effective way to keep your clients up-to-date with the latest news on your business, as well as increase sales through promotions, advertise new products and services, and educate your clients and people that are interested in your business through the use of informative articles.

Whether you send it out weekly, monthly, quarterly or even yearly, an e-newsletter helps to remind customers of your business and how you can help them.